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Created by outdoor enthusiasts
for outdoor enthusiasts

Atlanta Hot Tub Center is proud to be a certified ORCA Reseller




Based in Nashville, Tennessee, ORCA has put our coolers to the test against the elements in our own backyard and around the world. Whether we’re fishing on the Tennessee river, hunting in mountains of Montana, hiking in the hills of Colorado, or relaxing on the beach in Costa Rica, ORCA’s Bear Proof coolers have withstood whatever we have thrown at them, and we guarantee the same for our customers.

ORCA is proud of our products, and we know you will be too. As a brand ORCA is bright, colorful, custom and fun, but our products are still tough enough to handle whatever life’s adventures bring. At ORCA we have a single motto that we base our business on, and that is to Make Every Moment Cool. Whether you are a hunter, an angler, a camper, a beach bum, a soccer mom, a sports fan, or anything in between, ORCA has a product that will help you Make Every Moment Cool.